About Us

    dr.m started in 2008, just when Indonesia was experiencing the booming revenue from RBT (Ring Back Tone). Based from market analysis at the time and her anxiety of having to face the drastic decrease of music sales through physical album channels, Morin Chandra, Founder of dr.m felt like there’s an opportunity to actually introduce a DIGITAL SINGLE market in Indonesia. This was the reason why dr.m was born.

    First project was a single by NUGIE called “Lentera Jiwa” which received quite a resistant response from the media because there was NO market for single at that time. However, the persistancy and the good result coming from digital revenue finally proven that the single market worked!. Not long after that, the single market was used by so many other labels and it became a common thing for artist to release a single, with NO album… DIGITAL Only!

    This has been and still is dr.m CORE Business Model. DIGITAL.

    From LABEL, dr.m later on expanded the business to various channel such as :
    1. Artist Management
    2. Digital Monetizing
    3. Youtube CERTIFIED Network for Indonesia

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